Friday, May 30, 2014

i say with no ego

The lovely and talented Abby Higgs tagged me in this blog tour thing, so I'm answering questions about my writing process and stuff.

1.)  What Am I Working On?
I'll assume that this question disqualifies the freelance hack work I do for extra cash every so often.

Now that MY NAME IS HATE is done, I'm working on a sci-fi noir project, a mash-up of Dracula and Reefer Madness, and a steampunky thing about a sasquatch who witnesses a murder. I also write lots of goofy poems and freewrite when I can.

2.) How Does My Work Differ From Others in the Genre?
I write mostly speculative fiction, and I think my work explores surrealism and anachronism more than other writers in the genre. I also make my characters as physically unattractive as I can, and the tone of my work is bleaker and lonelier than a lot of modern spec-fic.

I really enjoy the line that Leslie Nielsen walks between straightforwardness and total absurdity in Airplane!, and I try to mirror that as much as I can in my own writing, even if humor isn't the intended result.

3.) Why Do I Write What I Do?
I write a lot of steampunky stuff because I think there's a ton of unfulfilled potential for literary weirdness in that genre, and because I grew up reading sci-fi and other strange literature (Roald Dahl could be incredibly dark, and John Bellairs was basically HP Lovecraft for children) and fell in love with it. Some of my work starts with the idea of taking an idea that's salacious and/or vulgar and lending it some humanity.

Also, I find New Yorker-style literary fiction kind of tedious and insipid, so I'd be lying if I said my work wasn't a reaction to dull academic writing in some ways.

4.) How Does My Writing Process Work?
I write whenever I want to; sometimes it's not much, sometimes it's a lot. I write a lot by hand and take lots of notes. Sometimes I'll take a small notebook out and find a spot in the city to sit and record my observations. I keep a thesaurus handy. I read a lot.

Monday, May 26, 2014

buy my book you jackals

Okay so since there are people on this planet who live outside of Baltimore for some reason, I've made it easier to buy MY NAME IS HATE via Paypal. Honestly, I should have done this way sooner.

MY NAME IS HATE is $9, shipping included, and it is a bleak, steampunk/Western flash novella about a pregnant woman searching for her runaway husband and being followed by a mysterious, violent black dog.

You can read Lavinia Ludlow's review of MY NAME IS HATE here.