BoD publications!

For the Love of God, Montressor (fiction 2009)
In which a sasquatch solves crimes in Victorian America. Haberdashery is briefly discussed.

Gouts of Angry Mist (fiction 2010)
Two pieces of experimental short fiction; the first concerns a carnival sideshow full of lobotomized freaks, while the second follows an accidental murderer out West, where he falls in with the mysterious inventor, Bailey.

You People Disgust Me (fiction/poetry 2011)
A collection of 10 poems and two short stories, all deeply rooted in the absurd.

Stone a Pig (fiction May 2012)
A collection of dark, experimental Victoriana that covers everything from mental illness to police brutality to robots. 

MY NAME IS HATE (fiction April 2014)
A dark, violent steampunk Western in which a pregnant woman (followed by a mysterious black dog) hunts down her runaway husband.