Praise for BoD and DK

"Each sentence [of Gouts of Angry Mist] is a joy to unravel, a loving language wink passed from author to reader. Each chapter is filled with vast mysteries, inviting you -- daring you -- to fill in the blanks."
-Jenny O'Grady, The Light Ekphrastic

"I'm struck by [DK's] precision in conveying images. The episode of the foot-baller describing the house burning down is so vivid, and strange, and real. The carnival series is both frightening ("I lobotomized him") and endearing...disarmingly human."
-Anne Losq, Touchstone Theater

"...a wonderful blend of slightly archaic diction and syntax with a more contemporary sensibility which reminds me of Thomas Pynchon."
-Steve Matanle, University of Baltimore

"...while I enjoyed the poems [in You People Disgust Me], I was especially taken with 'The Ballad of Jimmy Texas' and the whole Minority Report vibe [DK] had going."
-Ben Tanzer, author of You Can Make Him Like You

"[DK] is unquestionably an artist of performance and prose, whose reading left the audience to wonder whether this story is too strange to be true, or not."
-taken from What Weekly's write-up of the 3/16/11 WORMS reading.

"A uniquely crafted chapbook filled with original design, visuals, and literary wit. Dave K. displays well-rounded talent in Gouts of Angry Mist."
-Lavinia Ludlow, author of alt.punk 
(read Lavinia's interview with Dave K./review of stone a pig here)

"The story as a whole, though, is subtle and pitch perfect...there’s a lot of depth to it that seems to come simply from well-written sentences."
-Adam Robinson, discussing the title story from stone a pig (read the full review and interview here)

"Dave K.’s prose is a pleasure to read. I was thrilled to settle down with this book by a natural storyteller who simply knows how to write. I savored each story like dessert...the bottom line is that Dave K. knows what he’s doing."
-CL Bledsoe, from his review of stone a pig (read the full review here)

"Dave K's latest short story collection poignantly articulates starvation of the heart, the distinct rib-wrenching sensation of holding one's breath to appear calm while the heart races, desperate for air...he works well within the constraints of a desensitized human psyche and seduces it to test new and unsettling heights."
-Dallea Ism, from her review of stone a pig (read the full review here)